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Club Tours Agentur Praha

Our one-family travel- and concert agency Club Tours Agentur among others arranges significant periodical festivals and competitions (“European Accordion Festival”, “Prague Harmonica Days”, “Mozart´s Prague”, “Musica Sacra Praga Choir Festival and Competition”, “Prague Christmas”) and has arranged and coordinated tours for more than 800 choirs and musicgroups from all over the world.

We further special educational trips for high schools and music schools to Prague and also individual concert trips for choirs and orchestras to Prague and to the Czech Republic.

Let us inform you about qualification and experience of the founder:

Pavel Švarc is the reputable Prague – cultur organizer and concert manager, the repertory adviser and interpreter, the educationalist and guide. He studied singing with prof. and singer K. Karenin (Prague conservatory), folklore with prof. F. Bonuš (Prague conservatory) and he graduated his Prague Charles University studies (music pedagogics with prof. J. Plavec and German with prof. E. Beneš) in 1960 with a diploma. Most important for his career was especially his activity at several Prague professional choir ensembles, first of all in 1972 – 1991 at the Prague Male Choir (cond. M. Košler), not only as singer, but especially as manager of this international renowned ensemble. In 1985 – 1991 he managed also the well known costume brass band Strahovanka. From 1992 he is in possession of the concert -, festival – and travel agency CTA Prague.

Our intimate knowledge of the cultural environment coupled with our expertise in the travel industry allow us to provide superior services with attention to every detail at surprisingly modest cost to our clients.

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Thank you for your trust

Michal Švarc, Director